Pastoral Council

Terry Welker
Council President
Martha's Meals

Nancy Schmidt
Council Secretary
Right to Life Chair
Jack Fulller 
Strategic Planning and Parish Corporator
Lou Kosydar 
Finance Committee

Sharon Brown
Rosanne Dowdy
Legion of Mary
Deacon Ray Van PeltEvangelization

Fr. Willie Franken
Dick Berndt
Pastoral Associate
Faith Formation
Ginger Bahr
SJA Principal

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Pastoral Council By-Laws

The Pastoral Council reviews and updates the By-Laws each year.  We use the By-Laws to guide the Council in their efforts to advise the Pastor and Staff on relevant issues related to the Parish.  

Click here to view the Pastoral Council By-Laws:  

The Pastoral Council meets the first Monday of the month.  We encourage all parishioners to join us at our meetings.  We are always looking for new Pastoral Council members.  If you are interested in joining contact Deacon Ray Van Pelt at

The Pastoral Council follows the policies and guidelines provided by the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  To view these documents click here.