Strategic Plan

The purpose of our strategic plan is to develop and publish our Parish mission statement, mission priorities, and strategic goals for the 2017 – 2021 planning horizon. This strategic plan helps to focus our parish activities and actions toward a common objective and goal. It serves to get everyone “on the same sheet of music” and to orient our collective goals and activities. 

Our strategic plan is nested with the Archdiocese of Baltimore's strategic planning guidance.   This plan is designed to meet the needs of Saint Joan of Arc (SJA) Parish through 2021, while following the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s objectives and efforts that are entitled, “Be Missionary Disciples”. In order for SJA to succeed, our goals and activities must be in sync and supportive of those of the Archdiocese.

This plan was also written with the expectation that in the next two to three years, St. Joan of Arc will join with St. Patrick’s in Harve de Grace to form a pastorate in the north east region of Harford County. As a parish planning team, we see great opportunities with this prospect. We believe that with deliberate and faithful planning, the integration of efforts and sharing of resources will position our pastorate well to share the joy of the Gospel and undertake our mission as disciples.

Finally, this plan was deliberately written with the assumption that our identity as St. Joan ofArc is dependent on the integration of both our School and Parish. Our School and Church community are integral to who we are as a community and how we carry out our mission to be missionary disciples. Of course, the parish focuses on “ministry goals” while the School focuses on “educational goals” that relate to instruction. However, we must work collaboratively so that the goals and objectives of the School and Parish are complimentary and supportive of each other.

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