In his document:  "Evangelization in the Modern World", Pope Paul VI states that evangelization means bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ into every human situation and seeking to convert individuals and society by the divine power of the Gospel itself.  At its essence is the proclamation of salvation in Jesus Christ and the response of a person in faith.

At St. Joan of Arc we are all called to "go forth and make disciples".  Each of us is called to be a MIssionary Disciple by proclaiming the Gospel and living our life by Christian virtues.  As Missionary Disciples we bring the "good news" into our families, workplaces, schools and society.  

All of our programs and initiatives at St. Joan of Arc must have Evangelization as a main objective.  The following programs focus a great deal of effort on Evangelization.  For further information contact Deacon Ray Van Pelt at rvanpelt@stjoanarc.org.