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June 2020 Liturgical Calendar

6/1   -   Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of the Church

Study:  Lectio:  Mary - The Queen Mother

Listen:  Mary - The Indispensable Mother of God

6/7  -   The Most Holy Trinity

Study:  Symbolon - The Journey of Faith: 

Listen:  The Holy Spirit - The Third Person of the Trinity

Study:  The Wild Good - Breath of God

6/13  -   Saint Anthony of Padua

Watch:  Saint Anthony:  The Miracle Worker of Padua

Kids:  Lukas Storyteller - Saint Anthony of Padua

6/14  -   Corpus Christi

Listen:  Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

Watch:  Why Believe? Volume 2, Chapter 12  Belief about the Eucharist

Study:  Presence - The Story of the Eucharist

6/19   -  Sacred Heart of Jesus

Listen:  Jesus the Bridegroom

Read:  Heart of the Redeemer

Study:  Lectio:  Salvation

6/20  -   Immaculate Heart of Mary

Read:  Redemptoris Mater by Saint Pope John Paul II

Study:  The Bible and the Virgin Mary - The Promised Mother

6/24  -    Saint John the Baptist

Watch:  Reborn

Watch:  Ready Reasons - Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

6/29   -   Saints Peter and Paul

Listen:  Saint Paul by Pope Benedict XVI

Watch:  Saint Peter