Electronic Funds Transfer

SJA Church is offering parishioners the opportunity to contribute electronically.  EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) allows parishioners to automatically send financial contributions from your bank to SJA Church.  EFT eliminates the need for remembering your envelope and checkbook each Sunday before Mass. Even on weeks that you are unable to attend Mass, EFT will ensure that you can still meet your financial commitment.

 To enroll in the program:

Download and complete the Electronic Funds Transfer Form  here, making sure all the information is correct. Be sure to specify the amount of your offering and the donation schedule most convenient for you. (either the 1st of the month, or both the 1st & 15th)
According to that schedule, your offering will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account and deposited in the SJA Church account at our bank.
Please return the completed form (and your voided check or savings deposit slip) to the parish office. You may also place it in a sealed envelope and include it in the offering basket.  This form will be kept in a locked and secure area at the parish office to ensure it remains confidential.
Upon receipt of your form, we will setup your automated donations as you direct through a secure online system with Harford Bank.  There is no charge to you for this process and you can cancel at anytime by giving SJA Church 30 days notice.
Electronic Transactions through Harford Bank use the Federal Reserve Banking System.  This is the same secure system that banks use to transfer money.  It’s also the same system you may use when making automated payments such as credit card payments, mortgage payments or any type of online bill payment made through your financial institution.  Therefore, it has the same level of security protection that these institutions must have in place to keep such transactions safe and confidential.