Liturgical Minister Info.

Liturgical Ministries

Liturgy is the central means by which we gather, are strengthened, and are sent back into the world to carry out the mission of the Church. Our weekday and weekend liturgies reach over 1000 faithful.


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Altar Servers

The Altar Server Ministry is open to all students in grades 4 through high school who have a desire to serve the parish community.  The purpose of this ministry is to help the congregation worship by assisting the priest and deacon during the liturgy. This presents a wonderful opportunity to prepare young children to realize the importance of  becoming actively involved in parish life.Contact:  Parish Office 410-272-4535


To engage the parish assembly in prayerful sung dialogue. Cantors are leaders of the congregation in common sacred song and in responsorial singing. They serve God and the worshiping community in the act of singing the psalms and song texts, especially those drawn from and based on the Scriptures. 

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Eucharistic Ministers

To assist the priests and deacons in the distribution of Eucharist at Mass, as well as outside of Mass - to the sick, the homebound, the infirm, the frail elderly. Eucharistic Ministers, who are needed to care for the number of persons present at the liturgy each week, must complete a training program before serving in that role. 

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To enhance the spirit of Christian community in preparation for a shared experience of the Body of Christ. Greeters are parishioners who welcome those arriving for Mass. They offer a handshake, a smile, and/or hug and often answer questions for visitors or newcomers.

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To respond to the Lord's call as a reader of Holy Scripture at Mass. The lector in the celebration of the sacred liturgy has been authorized primarily to do the Scripture readings before the Gospel. He/she also presents the prayer of the worshiping community and reads announcements, as needed. 

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There are several choirs in our Parish: A children's, traditional, contemporary and handbell.  Please contact Dan Ranalli, 410-272-4535, x122 for more information.  

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To provide a sense of welcome to the faith community with any assistance in seating. Ushers also work with greeters in setting the spiritual mode before Mass and other liturgical services.
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