Eucharistic Ministers

To assist the priests and deacons in the distribution of Eucharist at Mass, as well as outside of Mass - to the sick, the homebound, the infirm, the frail elderly. Eucharistic Ministers, who are needed to care for the number of persons present at the liturgy each week, must complete a training program before serving in that role.
The Eucharistic Ministers Will...
1. Undergo training to prepare for this ministry.
2. Distribute the Eucharist at Masses, as scheduled.
3. Become available for distributing Eucharist outside of Mass as their own schedule permits.
Volunteers Are Needed To...
1. Assist in the distribution of Eucharist, upon completion of training.
2. Fulfill their responsibilities upon being appointed by Pastor.
Meeting Time: Varies
Contact Person: Parish Office   410-272-4535