To respond to the Lord's call as a reader of Holy Scripture at Mass. The lector in the celebration of the sacred liturgy has been authorized primarily to do the Scripture readings before the Gospel. He/she also presents the prayer of the worshiping community and reads announcements, as needed.

The Lectors will...
1. Become apprised, before training, of the serious commitment in reading/proclaiming the Word of God.
2. Attend workshops or training sessions for the fulfilling of their responsibilities.
3. Reflect and become familiar with the readings in preparation of their scheduled tasks.
4. Be available for lector duties: Saturday, 5:00 PM; Sunday, 8:00 AM or 11:00 AM. (Time preference may be an option.)
5. Find a substitute from current lector list, if unable to adhere to the assigned schedule provided them.
Volunteers Are Needed To...
Become lectors at various liturgies, upon appointment by the Pastor and completion of training.
Training Sessions: As Needed
Contact:  Parish Office  410-272-4535