To provide a sense of welcome to the faith community with any assistance in seating. Ushers also work with greeters in setting the spiritual mode before Mass and other liturgical services.

Ushers Will...
1. Arrive about fifteen minutes before Mass time.
2. Dress appropriately, as for any solemn celebration.
3. Greet the Christian community as they enter, including seating those who need assistance.
4. Take up collections.
5. Assign the gift bearers and escort them to the sanctuary with their gift offerings to the priest.
6. Count the people attending Mass.
7. Direct the congregation for receiving Holy Eucharist.
8. Hand out bulletins after Mass.
9. Check the tidiness of pews after Mass.
Volunteers Are Needed To...
become ushers at the mass time of your choice.

Meeting Time: At the discretion of the Pastor
Contact Person: Parish Office 410-272-4535