Top 10 Reasons To Join SJA


Family Friendly - With our school, our youth ministry and frequent social and prayer opportunities, we have something for everyone in your family ... even if it is only you!


Small Community - In a smaller church community like ours it is easy to meet and get to know everyone, and to make a difference with your participation!

Great Parish Staff - We are blessed with a super-friendly and uber-dedicated staff who work tirelessly to make SJA a parish that members love to call their own. Ask your questions of any staff member ... just say "I'm new!"


Outstanding School - If you have school age children and are looking for a great school, our Pre K4-8 STEM school provides the best in 21st Century Catholic Education!


Good Music - Although our music program is currently severely compromised due to the COVID-19 epidemic, St. Joan Of Arc has a long history of excellent music that is more typical of much larger parishes. If you or any family member has a gift for music, you have a place here once we can safely sing together again!


The Food - Once we heal past the pandemic, you will find that we have many, many opportunities for food and socialization. Our parishioners like spending time together, and there is almost always food involved! On a more serious note, efforts such as our Good Samaritan Ministry help provide food and other items to the disadvantaged in our local area.


Connection To A Wider Catholic Family - St. Joan Of Arc is a part of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the oldest in the United States. As a member, you will be part of a Catholic tradition in Maryland that dates back to the 1600s!


Prayer And Learning Opportunities - With Masses on most days, special prayer services, annual Parish Missions, online resources like 'FORMED', regular classes, scripture study groups and constant new programs for increasing understanding of our faith journey, you will find many opportunities to grow and learn!


You Won't Be Judged - Whatever your past history with the Church, wherever you are in your faith journey, whatever questions or doubts you may have, we are glad that you are here!


We are the family that you have never met yet! We want you to be a part of our community ... 

Welcome Home