Alpha's Glory Ultrasound Machine

Our Knights of Columbus Council 2002 is comprised of men from St. Joan of Arc, St. Patrick's, and Good Shepherd.  Over the last year our council took on a project to raise funds to purchase and field an ultrasound machine to Alpha's Glory Crisis Pregnancy Center in Aberdeen.  The machine was blessed by Fr. Willie Franken on Nov 8th.  Thank you to our Knights of Columbus and all parishioners who donated to this effort!

 Since life is very precious and a gift from God, abortion to most Catholics is not an option.  Arguably, one of the most important diagnostic tools to medicine has been the ultrasound machine.  The Knights of Columbus recognized that this tool could be used to save the life of unborn babies whose mother may be contemplating the termination of his life for whatever reason.  In 2009 the Supreme Council of the Order instituted a program to purchase machines for certain pregnancy centers.  One of the major requirements being the center be in line with Catholic teachings on life, but not necessarily be a Catholic organization.

    The program was designed so that the Supreme Council would donate 50% of the cost of the machine and a local/state council would contribute the remaining 50%.  There are other requirements involved, but this is the most important one.  The machine that Alpha’s Glory Crisis Pregnancy Center decided upon had a cost of nearly $30,000.  Once the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Pro-Life director signed off that the center met their pro-life requirements, the process could move to the next step in procuring the machine.

    In Maryland, individual councils work toward procuring the funds for the purchase.  The State Council will provide any shortfall in funding.  Havre de Grace Council took the lead in this project.  We held a fundraiser dinner and solicited donations, which fell slightly short of our goal.  Then the COVID pandemic struck which hindered our ability to solicit additional donations.  The State Council decided about early June of this year to provide the necessary money to purchase the machine.

    The State Council procured its first ultrasound machine late in 2009.  Havre de Grace Council then worked to purchase a machine to be placed in Elkton, MD in 2010.  At that time we were alerted that Alpha’s Glory in Aberdeen, MD was interested in getting a machine.  The director, Karen Wilson, was given the requirements.  She looked for almost 10 years to find someone who would agree to be their medical director.  Then she was blessed to learn of a nurse practitioner who was willing to handle this position.  Once she was hired in January of this year we could finalize plans for fundraising and procurement on their ultrasound machine.

    We are very pleased and blessed to have procured the first and only ultrasound machine in Harford County to be used strictly for showing pregnant women the status of their unborn child.  And we are praying that God will bless the center, their workers, and their clients that many lives will be saved from abortion.