Catholic Bible Study

As we journey through the liturgical year of St. Luke, we invite you to join our parish Bible Study.  This year we will study the Gospel of Luke followed by his second volume; Acts of the Apostles. 

Each Tuesday we’ll meet from 10:00 – 11:00 AM in the Parish Meeting House on Law Street.   We will also offer a video call in option for those who prefer to participate remotely.

This program is for all those desiring to encounter Jesus Christ in sacred scripture, particularly in the Gospels. There are no prerequisites and we encourage Bible “beginners and novices” to attend!

Each week we’ll read from Luke’s Gospel and a commentary from Fr. Gadenz’s book. Our study began January 11th, 2022, but you can join at any time! 

Contact Deacon Ray for information and to register.

Luke’s Gospel has inspired Christians for two thousand years.  Because of Luke, hymns of praise such as the Gloria and Magnificat were introduced into worship, prayers such as the Hail Mary were developed, St. Francis of Assisi began the custom of the Christian manger, and painters such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio produced some of the greatest works of art.