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Deacon's Desk -- 1 Nov 18

For me, All Saints Day and All Souls Day signal the beginning of the holiday season!!!  November is a busy and meaningful month as we have Election Day, Veteran's Day and of course Thanksgiving Day.  Before you know it, we'll be celebrating the First Sunday of Advent and then Christmas!!

It seems that these days (especially with Election Day looming and the recent shootings in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh) people are very anxious and can be short tempered with one another --- especially about politics!  A challenge for us as Christians this time of year is to seek the Lord and ask Him to give us peace and assurance.  One way to do this is through daily prayer.

Each morning after getting up, I get myself a good cup of coffee and then sit quietly for about twenty five minutes in prayer.  I sit in my favorite chair and then read the daily readings for the day and prayers from the Liturgy of the Hours.  I'l then give myself time to meditate upon the readings and hope that the Holy Spirit will guide.  I ask the Spirit to be the best person that I can by loving God and caring for one another.  By doing this first thing in the day, I feel like I'm prepared to take on whatever challenges come my way throughout the day.

I recommend each of us find a time each day where we can find a quiet place to reflect upon the Lord's Word, pray and seek guidance and peace in our lives.    Especially during the busy months coming up!!!!

Prayers, Deacon Ray