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From the Pastor

The summer has come to an end and fall has begun. It has been quite a summer
for me, other priests, Bishops, and Pope Francis. Once again, the painful reality of sexual abuse surfaced as the Attorney General for Pennsylvania released a report with, sad to say, numerous incidences of clergy sex abuse from the past.

This news created feelings of anger, hurt, loss of trust, and the personal issue of
our faith and why belongs to the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Lori and the Vicar Bishops have attempted to reach out to their
constituents. The Archbishop listens well as I attended a listening session this past
week. He is sincere in his desire to make changes so that all are kept safe in the
Archdiocese of Baltimore.

He expressed the following:

We have a crisis of trust. I’ve heard it in every one of my recent 20-plus gatherings
with parishioners, clergy, seminarians, parents and students. People don’t trust
the institutional Church. They don’t trust bishops. They don’t trust “Church
people” to fix this. They want transparency and accountability. They don’t
understand why the past hasn’t been fully owned-up to by now. They don’t
understand why Church leaders “still don’t get it.” And they rightly demand to
play a more active role in the life of the Church, not only pastorally, but also

I agree. On all counts.

The Church needs the laity now to assist, support, and help direct the necessary
changes. How will you respond?