Action Alert: No taxpayer-funded abortions!!

What is the Hyde Amendment?

The Hyde Amendment has protected taxpayers from funding elective abortion every year since 1976. Every year, the Hyde Amendment has been signed into law with broad bipartisan support. For decades, no matter who led Congress or controlled the White House, Democrats and Republicans passed and signed Hyde into law.  But, recently Congress introduced the budget without the Hyde Amendment.

If the Hyde Amendment is repealed: 34 more states will be forced to cover abortion in Medicaid. People of conscience in all 50 states will be forced to pay for abortion.  Abortions will increase – especially for low-income women and women of color.

The Hyde Amendment has saved nearly 2.5 million babies and mothers in difficult circumstances from the tragedy of abortion. It also has served as the model for dozens of other federal policies that prohibit government from funding abortion in other areas (including foreign aid, anti-trafficking programs, community health and health insurance).

Urge your Congressmember to keep the Hyde Amendment

An overwhelming majority of Americans from both parties, and especially low-income women and women of color, say they don’t want tax dollars to pay for abortions.
Raise your voice to join them!

To contact your Congressional representative click here to take action!!!

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