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Vacation Bible Camp - check out the PICTURES!!!

Let the good times Roar!

We had a blast on our epic African adventure!

We sang, we danced, we ran around like energetic animals!
We had some very interesting snacks, that we got to help make and enjoy.

We met new animal bible buddies each day to remind us that God is good!  We watched videos about the daily lives of children in Africa, to show us how even without all the "stuff" we have around us all the time, God is there, and to remind us to be thankful for all we have, remembering we are loved.

We made crafts and got gadgets & gizmos that remind us of God's goodness.
We heard stories and explored the history of God's people and how His love never fails.

Say any of these phrases to anyone of the kids who was there:

When life is unfair...
When life is scary...
When life is changing...
When life is sad...
And when life is good...

And they'll tell you that- GOD IS GOOD!!!  :)

Thanks again to all who made time to be a part of this, and I hope we'll see you next year.