Become Catholic

To transmit Christ's message of salvation through the use of contemporary methods and language as well as Scripture and Church documents. The Faith Formation Program continues the mission of Jesus as Son of God, Servant and Savior of all; provides the opportunity to hear His message; and encourages active growth in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church.

Adult Faith Formation

  • Ages 18 and above who will prepare to celebrate the following:
  • Baptism, Confirmation and/or Eucharist
  • Ongoing inquiry sessions fall and spring
  • Celebration of several rites or ceremonies
  • One year average time of preparation

Purpose: To further adult faith development, an ongoing process that is nourished by sacramental life and parish faith formation programs.

The Adult Faith Formation Program Will...
1. Provide adult learning and prayer experiences, lecture-discussions, and classes on topics, such as: Scripture, Catholicism, Morality, Social Justice, Marriage, Divorce, and Family Issues or Concerns.
2. Assist the Church in its mission on behalf of justice, mercy and peace because of its reliance on informed and motivated Catholics.
3. Please see home page of the website (Downloadable Forms) for the current calendar of Meetings
Volunteers are needed to...
1. Act as small-group facilitators for short-term classes, or as assistants for lectures.
2. Provide publicity and hospitality for such programs.
Contact: Richard Berndt or 410-272-6944

Baptism of Adults: RCIA

Purpose: to provide an instructional, liturgical, and spiritual process by which the Church can bring new members into its communal life through Baptism, and/or the Profession of Faith.  This process, known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), is an ongoing process within parish life designed to welcome new members (16 years of age or older) into the Catholic Church and at the same time to lead every Catholic to deeper belief and renewal of his/her Christian faith.

The RCIA Process Will...
Prepare the unbaptized or the baptized but uncatechized adult for full membership into sacramental life through a four-step process that includes:
1. Pre-catechumenate: getting acquainted and inquiring into Catholic Church rites and rituals.
2. Catechumenate: making a decision after several months to become a member of the Church, followed by the Enlightenment Period - entering into the Lenten journey of the parish community.
3. Celebration of the Sacraments: receiving Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist, usually at the Easter Vigil.
4. Post-Initiation/Mystagogia: pursuing ongoing conversion to the Gospel of Christ within the faith community.
Contact: Richard Berndt or 410-272-6944