Family Faith Formation

CLOW is back for some 11:15 mass dates!

  • Parents must escort children to the hall & Sign them in.  
  • All children must wear masks & maintain physical distance.
  • Parents should not send children who will not wear masks and maintain distance.  

We hope to run CLOW every other week:

  • November 1st, November 15th, November 29th
  • December 13th, December 27th

FAMILY FAITH FORMATION - what does that mean?

We've shifted from an older CCD model to something more personal.  

  • It's less class, and more Mass.
  • It's less textbook, and more Bible.  
  • It's not a program, it's a process.  
  • It's not an assembly line, it's family & community.  
  • It's not a series of promotional events, it's a lifestyle.  

Family Faith Formation is a way to help support and encourage parents to be the best examples of Christian Life to the children they hope to raise as good Christian kids.  Keeping our faith strong is our shield against real evil influences in our lives.

We live in an age where glowing electronic devices instantly link us to a world that is telling us what to think, how to feel, and how to identify.  We are often overwhelmed with input, information, and choices.  And in that noise are voices trying to tell your children what to believe, and how to behave.  

If you aren't talking to them about belonging to God's family, and being infinitely valuable, beautiful & irreplaceable people, who actually have the ability to bring positive change to their lives and help others too- then what are they hearing instead?  What are they hearing most often?

We want to help empower ourselves as parents, to have meaningful conversations about faith, God, sin & forgiveness, morals, sacraments, life, and to be comfortable saying "let's find out together" when kids ask something we can't easily answer.  Let's work together.

We often talk about a "personal relationship with Christ" - and relationships need attention, time & communication.  What does a relationship look like in real life?  Christianity has to be lived and experienced to be relate-able.  We should aim and point the way to Jesus, then do our best to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with our professed beliefs- lifestyle, Bible, mass, prayer.  If we want our children to know Christ, they need to see Him in us!

Let us help show you simple ways to share the faith in your home and in the parish community.  We want to show you how easy it can be to talk to your children about being a follower of Jesus Christ.  

If you have not received your 2019/2020 Family Faith Formation package, please check in with us in the gathering space of the church.  Family Faith Formation is for ALL of our children, regardless of where they attend school.  

Questions?  Please contact Dick Berndt or Nathan McVey in the Parish Office: 410-272-6944.

Catholic Family Life Resources -->  

We're open & celebrating Mass, following all health & safety guidelines.  We'd love to see you there!  

Also, we'll continue to provide curated resources right here, to help you keep God at the center of your home.

SJA Church - Weekly Sunday Mass on Youtube:

Clips for CLOW - Video Series

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Family Formation Weekly Printables: 

November 29th: Readings, Psalm & Gospel for this week

November 22nd: Readings, Psalm & Gospel for this week

November 15th: Readings, Psalm & Gospel for this week

November 8th: Readings, Psalm & Gospel for this week

November 1st : Readings, Psalm & Gospel for this week

Our Patron Saint, is Saint Joan of Arc...

And our usual printable fun sheets:

Pray as a family, see God in everything you do, and be kind to everyone you meet.

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Older weekly printables can be found in the FFF Printables Archive


Love God- put God first.  

Love People- with kindness & hospitality.  

Live Accordingly- turn good habits, like prayer & service into a lifestyle that reflects God's Love.

Some thoughts about Family Faith Formation:

What is CATHOLIC - in a world full of so much confusion...

Special Message for Faith Formation Adults & Teens:

Leaving the following videos here a little while longer...  :)

Here's an insightful video about God's Grace:

And here's a beautiful video from USCCB & Catholic Relief Services, about being good stewards of God's Creation:

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May 30th is the Feast Day of our Patron, Saint Joan of Arc!

Click HERE for Coloring Pages featuring our Saint Joan of Arc

Click HERE for more information about the Life and Times of Saint Joan of Arc

Click HERE for a conversation starter and activity sheet that involves Drawing & Coloring

Click HERE for a conversation starter and activity sheet that involves some Writing for the older kids