Register to Attend Our Open House

St. Joan of Arc School is excited to announce that we will be our Winter Open House, January 30th!  Explore our school, speak with our teachers, and learn more about our Catholic School in Aberdeen, Maryland! 

Why Attend a Catholic School Open House?

The majority of schools host an Open House event during the academic year. The purpose of these activities is to familiarize parents and guardians with the school and the upcoming academic year.

On occasion, parents with several children may not feel inclined to attend an event since they have previously “been there, done that.” We frequently advise parents not to combine their child’s memories with those of other youngsters or their own. Don’t forget that this is a new experience for this child; he or she has never encountered the offered content, the curriculum may have changed, or the teachers are new. This Fall, you should attend an Open House at a Catholic school for the following reasons.

1. Meet the Faculty & Staff

This will convey to the teacher that you are serious about parental participation, that you care about your child’s education, and that you want to collaborate with the teacher for your child’s success.

2. Discover the Curriculum

There are a number of acronyms and jargon in education that may sound like Greek, but hearing it, asking questions, and taking notes will make it less mystifying. This might help you explain the importance of learning objectives to your child and assess whether he or she requires accommodations.

3. Confront other parents.

We are really fortunate to live in a time where communication is literally at our fingers. Make a food rotation list, a birthday-of-the-month club, or a study group for your child’s peers.

4. Examine the Religious Programs

Baltimore’s Catholic schools have a long and distinguished history. Despite the fact that nuns in habits with rulers in hand no longer supervise forty or fifty children in classrooms, there is still a strong draw for families to enroll their children in Catholic schools. For Catholics who send their children to Catholic school, the family’s religious beliefs naturally correspond with those of the school. These schools are frequently linked with the family’s parish church. Catholic schools provide non-Catholic families with a disciplined, academically rigorous environment whose overarching mission and purpose are congruent with their own. A Christ-centered learning atmosphere that promotes the message of love, hope, and forgiveness attracts families of all faiths.

5. Learn About Tuition and Financial Aid Programs

Families who send their children to Catholic schools make sacrifices in the form of tuition fees, similar to instructors and staff who forfeit salaries to work in Catholic schools. Catholic institutions try to make education affordable for low- and middle-income households by providing financial help. In addition, the BOOST (Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today) initiative makes Catholic schools accessible to a large number of families by awarding scholarships based on household income, with the lowest-income families receiving assistance first. Catholic schools often assist financially struggling families in arranging tuition payment plans that recognize and respect the family’s dignity. Now, more than ever, this is the proper course of action.