Faculty & Staff

It’s the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Ms. Dianne Kestler Principal dkestler@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Sierra Vara Administrative Assistant svara@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Elisa Maid Advancement Director emaid@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Pam Franke Business Manager pfranke@stjoanarc.org


Mrs. Laure Dotterweich Pre-Kindergarten 4 ldotterweich@stjoanarc.org
Ms. Megan Reith Kindergarten mreith@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Mary Beth Nocket 1st Grade mnocket@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Rebecca Simmons 2nd Grade rsimmons@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Susan Tobias 3rd Grade stobias@stjoanarc.org
Mr. Rob McCann 4th Grade; 4th Religion;
4th & 5th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies
Mrs. Amy Lane 5th Grade; 5th Religion; 4th & 5th Grade Math/Science alane@stjoanarc.org
Mr. Dustin Bentkowski 8th Grade Homeroom; 7th Math;
Middle School Social Studies
Mrs. Wendy Baur 7th Grade Homeroom; 7th-8th Grade Math; Resource Teacher wbaur@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Alexa Kopp 6th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Language Arts akopp@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Melissa Field 7th Grade Pre-Algebra; 8th Grade Algebra;
Middle School Science
Mrs. Heather Way Technology Coordinator;
Advanced Technology and Design Teacher
Mrs. Stephanie Cosgrove Librarian; Innovation Lab scosgrove@stjoanarc.org
Ms. Christine Kruse Art ckruse@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Donna Dandino Music ddandino@stjoanarc.org
Ms. Megan Blackburn 8th Grade Homeroom, 4th Grade and Middle School Religion
Physical Education/Health
Mrs. Minerva Rodriguez Spanish spanishteacher@stjoanarc.org

Support Staff

Mrs. Susan Baer Nurse  sbaer@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Sarah Camarota 2nd Grade Teaching Assistant scamarota@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Mary Fran Cooke Kindergarten Teaching Assistant mcooke@stjoanarc.org
Ms. Sharon McKee Counselor smckee@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Courtney McNiel 1st Grade Teaching Assistant cmcniel@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Gina Sanphillipo Pre-Kindergarten 4 Teaching Assistant gsanphillipo@stjoanarc.org
Mrs. Sandra Fink Extended Care Director sfink@stjoanarc.org