Parent Volunteering

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is committed to providing quality, healthy ministry for all persons, particularly for our children and youth.

All those who wish to work or volunteer in our school must be appropriately screened and trained through VIRTUS.   

To access information and to register for screening and training, please click here

Should you have any questions please contact the school office.


Volunteer Opportunities

The mission of St. Joan of Arc School is to work with the parents in order to educate the students. To this end, parents should be involved on a daily basis in the education of their children, including monitoring their schoolwork.

There are also numerous areas and activities where parents may volunteer to help the school. Parents are required to commit to twenty hours of volunteer time a year or pay a $200.00 fee ($10.00 for each hour). Volunteer opportunities exist both during the school day and outside of school hours. It is hoped that each family can find some area or activity to meet this need.

The following are descriptions of the various ways families can volunteer at St. Joan of Arc School.

Home & School Opportunities

~The following are descriptions of the various opportunities for families to volunteer at St. Joan of Arc School. If you chair any event, it will satisfy your volunteer requirement for the year.


Volunteer and Visitor Procedures

All visitors must follow the procedures listed below:

  • Upon entering the building, visitors present a picture ID to the Office to be scanned. A visitor badge will be printed.
  • Any non-registered children are also signed in on the visitor’s log.
  • Before leaving, visitors return badges.