Catholic Schools Week

2024 Schedule of Events

Catholic Schools Week: Schedule of Events

St. Joan of Arc School is gearing up for an exciting week of festivities as they join in the nationwide celebration of Catholic Schools Week. From January 28th to February 3rd, the school will host a series of events to honor their parish, staff, community, students, families, and faculty.

The week kicks off on Sunday as students take the stage at St. Joan of Arc and St. Patrick’s to share their experiences at SJA, showcasing the spirit of their parish school.

Monday is all about appreciating the Parish Staff, as students express their gratitude by crafting heartfelt cards and gifts.

Tuesday focuses on celebrating the wider community, with students creating cards for community members and hosting an Open House for prospective families from 8:30-10:30 am (registration required). Additionally, a week-long food pantry donation drive will help support those in need.

Wednesday brings fun and excitement as Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwiches are served in the morning, followed by special student activities throughout the day, highlighting the importance of the school’s vibrant student body.

Thursday is dedicated to families, with students crafting thank-you cards for their parents. Parents will also receive an invitation to visit their child’s classroom upon the completion of a new building, fostering a sense of community and involvement.

Finally, on Friday, the school turns the spotlight on its dedicated faculty. Students will show their appreciation with special surprises, and the Home and School Association (HSA) will provide a special lunch for the faculty, capping off a week filled with love and appreciation.

St. Joan of Arc School is committed to nurturing its community, and Catholic Schools Week provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the values and connections that make their school special.

Sunday, January 28th: Celebrating Our Parish School

Students will welcome in Catholic Schools Week by speaking at St. Joan of Arc and St. Patrick’s in Havre de Grace about their experience at SJA. 

Monday, January 29th: Celebrating Our Parish Staff

Students will celebrate the support of our Parish Staff by making cards/gifts for the Parish Staff.

Tuesday, January 30th: Celebrating Our Community

Student’s will Celebrate our Community by making cards for community members.

Open House for new prospective families from 8:30-10:30am by registration only. 

Week long collection of food pantry donations.

Wednesday, January 31st: Celebrating Our Students

Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwiches will be served in the morning with special student activities throughout the day.

Thursday, February 1st: Celebrating Our Families

Students will be making thank you cards for their parents.  A future tour date will be given upon completion of the new building and parents will be welcomed into their child’s classroom. 

Friday, February 2nd: Celebrating Our Faculty

Students celebrate their teachers with special surprises. Lunch will be provided by HSA for the Faculty -12:05pm dismissal.

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